Hopsters Co-Op, Australia’s first Cooperative brewery is running a unique brewing competition to select the best home brewed beer recipe from its members to be brewed as the “Hopsters Founders Beer Range”.

The competition will cover the following 3 styles as the “Hopsters Beer”

ESB (Style 11C) – (Entries Open October 7th, entries Close November 25th, 2017)

All styles will be judged by the Hopsters beer committee and judging criteria will follow the 2015 BJCP Style guidelines

The competition entries and closing dated are staggered to allow all members to brew and perfect their entries prior to judging.

The competition is free for members and is restricted to current financial members, with a maximum of one entry per category per member. No non-member entries or commercially brewed entries will be accepted.

The beer recipe conditions are as follows:

Alcohol content of finished beer:

ESB – ABV% as per BJCP guidelines

Grains:  No restrictions.

If unsure, please contact Hopsters for clarification in relation to malt and adjunct types.

Yeast: No restriction, but dried yeast varieties are preferred.

Hops: No restriction (its Hopsters after all!!!)

Entry Details

Fully packaged and labelled entries accompanied by paper entry forms (if online form not used) must be lodged at collection venues, please check facebook and the website for drop off locations.

No early entries for will be accepted due to the anticipated volume of entries. No late entries will be accepted.

Entry conditions

  1. You must be over 18 years of age to enter and be a current financial member of Hopsters Co-Operative Brewery Limited (‘Hopsters)
  1. Only one entry recipe per member per style is accepted
  1. Member entries must complete either
    1. An electronic entry form at HOPSTERS FORM
    2. a completed paper entry form
  1. Each entry must consist of at least 2 bottles minimum 500ml (or four 330ml containers)
  1. The same beer/recipe cannot be entered more than once.
  2. All styles of bottle will be accepted, however, Hopsters will not accept responsibility for light struck beer, Hopsters will not accept responsibility for entries entered in the wrong category.
  1. Bottles will not be returned at completion of judging.
  1. The competition is restricted to brewing using only all-grain brewing techniques.
  1. Entries must be submitted under the brewer’s name, no substitutions will be accepted.
  1. The brewers of the competition entries acknowledge that they give up any and all rights associated beer recipe and the recipe become available as property for Hopsters Co-Operative Brewery Limited (‘Hopsters) to use at its discretion. 
  1. Hopsters reserves the right to modify any of the recipes to scale the beer for commercial production and the brewers acknowledge that Hopsters has ownership of the original and modified beer recipes. 
  1. The brewers acknowledge that they are not entitled to share in any profits or losses that result from the production or sale of Hopsters beer, other than those distributions that are ordinarily attached to the active members shareholding in Hopsters.
  1. Hopsters members acknowledge that any intellectual property developed or obtained by Hopsters through the competitions or by other means remains the sole property of Hopsters and Hopsters reserves all its rights in relation to the property.
  1. The judges decisions will be final and score sheets will be not be made public or returned to the entrant.