Hopsters Co-operative Brewery Limited

So, what’s this all about?

You can part-own a brewery, tap room and brew-on-premises all in one place, without any risk or liability on your side as a member.

We’re building a community for Australia’s first co-operative brewery, Hopsters Co-operative Brewery Limited.

Why? Because we love beer and community.

Our mission is to enhance craft beer awareness for people in our community. We want them know more about craft beer; whether it’s drinking it or brewing it, we want people to experience and we want to enhance their experience for craft beer.

What makes you different than every other brewery?

Our goal is for Hopsters to offer a unique craft beer experience in Australia. We value the learning process, so when people come in, they can learn as much as they want. They can totally immerse themselves or just ask a couple of questions, all while enjoying the great selection of beer. It’s a complete experience that they can enjoy. We like to call the learning process self-directed edutainment (both educational and enjoyable).

Sounds like a lofty goal. How’s it going so far?

Things are going fantastic. Below you’ll find a brief outline of where the Co-operative has been and where it’s going. Our goals are flexible and things change, but it will give a sense of the project’s trajectory:

Planned Milestones:

  • @ December 1st 2016: Phase 1 of our Membership Drive begins
  • @ 500 Members: Big Party
  • @ $1,000,000 plus: Purchase brew system, source appropriate premises & sign lease.

Completed Milestones:

  • Co-operative Rules & Disclosure Statement
  • Incorporation with Fair Trading in October 2016
  • Website
  • Committees established: Beer, Architecture & Construction, Finance & Admin, Marketing, etc.
  • Negotiating on a suitable location.

I’m convinced, where do I sign up?

We knew you would be. Head over to our membership page to purchase your membership. We’ll keep you in the loop with email updates on an ongoing basis so you’re up-to-date on the goings on of the Co-operative and your opportunities to get involved.

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